The company behind the project

Fuds Delivery Drone srl is an innovative startup born at the end of 2020 from a revolutionary idea for the field of logistics and drone delivery: to create an autonomous drone delivery system which is able to work on a predetermined mission.

Our project aims to provide a service that ensures greater efficiency than transport by traditional means, especially in areas with poor practicability, which halves the delivery time and reduces the percentage of accidents or problems during transport.

For Fuds, it is also essential that delivery is increasingly green. Therefore, we aim to reduce CO2 emissions through the use of electricity generated exclusively from non-polluting natural sources (such as solar panels or wind energy).

Aziende ed Enti che credono in noi:

Logistica con droni a guida autonoma startup Fuds

The people behind the startup

Fuds Delivery Drone srl is structured in 3 macro-areas: computer section, engineering section and marketing/ financial section.

It creates the software behind the project. In particular, it develops the structure of the database through which the data will be processed, it takes care of the software interface and app of the service and finally it is responsible for the creation of the program thanks to which the drone will move autonomously.

It designs and builds the drone in all its components and adapts it to any customer’s needs. This section also deals with the design and construction of landing/take-off stations with a system that is as modular and simple as possible.

It manages the economic flows in and out of the startup and maintains relations with italian and foreign companies and institutions for agreements and advertising sponsorships of the project.