Fuds technological revolution starts from design.

Our studies in electronics, mechanics and computer science allow us to come up with great innovations in the field of drone engineering and logistics.

Our team of engineers and experts is developing an autonomous drone delivery system, which will be able to work on a predetermined mission even in emergency conditions.

Thanks to Fuds engineering expertise, we are able to adapt our drones also to delivery and logistics requirements.

Our startup is currently working on the design of two drones, are you ready to discover their innovative features?

fuds delivery drone logistica

SENTINEL ONE: our undestroyable drone!

It is a drone with eight coaxial propellers designed and built ad hoc to carry out missions within 2 km in the marine, coastal and piedmont environment. Sentinel One is designed to ensure service even in extremely adverse conditions.

SENTINEL ZERO: a drone that is unique in the world!

It is a small and harmless tiltrotor for coastal, island and piedmont missions between 1 and 18 miles (about 33 km). Sentinel 0 is suitable for long-distance deliveries and SAR operations being able to cover hectares of land in a short time.

Where are we at?

The development of the project is at: 65%


Research and development

At this stage, our team of engineers and experts is involved in the creation of a first prototype.


Final prototype

In the second phase, the first prototype is further developed to obtain the final drone.


Test and launch of service

Debugging and testing of the drone and service developed by Fuds. At the end of phase 3, we will be ready to launch our technological revolution!